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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We're Back!

We just got back from Calebs first trip to the shore. It was really sunny out the whole time, so most of the pictures didn't turn out very good.

Of course he was terrified of the ocean!

Before we left, I had decided to use cloth diapers on the new baby. So, of course that gave me the perfect reason to stop at a yarn store on the way! I didn't get anything really interesting, just some plain old worsted weight wool to knit some soakers with.

The ladies at the yarn store seemed to think I had no clue what I was doing though! I kept getting comments about how the yarns I had chosen were different weights, and how they needed to be handwashed, etc. Ummm, I was also buying a cute felted baby bonnet pattern, I think that should have shown them I know what happens when you throw wool in the washing machine! Then when I told them what I was planning to use the yarn for..... they really thought I was nuts! Oh well, at least I came out with some pretty yarn!

Caleb got his first pet, a hermit crab. He couldn't care less about it, but of course I had to be a Good Mama and stop at a pet store and spend way too much money buying stuff for it!

When we got home, I even had two packages waiting for me!

The first was a Knitty SP package with some pretty sock yarn. I already have some pattern ideas for it, but think I may just put it aside for now because I think it would also make an adorable baby hat if this little one pops out and is a girl. She also sent chocolate, cat treats (which came in very handy-- our cats always get mad at us when we go away!) and and a lovely vintage apron with the cutest little pocket on it!

Then I opened a package from the Knitty sock swap (and of course I forgot to get pictures of the two pairs of socks I knit for others!).

I was really excited for this package, because even though I've participated in several sock swaps, this was the first time I actually received any socks!

She used Regia silk and the "Love Me Knot" pattern. Also included were some cute sheepy things, a row counter and some pretty stitch markers she made from origami stars!

Thank you Donna and SP, those were nice to come home to after a 3+ hour car ride!

Oh, and if anyone gets a chance to eat at a Fractured Prune, do it!! I wish there was one in my town.....


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