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Friday, June 23, 2006

Knitting World Cup and SP goodies!

So I finally get a chance to post, and for once everything is cooperating! For the longest time it seemed like whenever I tried to, either blogger was doing some kind of "maintenance" , or the cable internet service was acting screwey.

I decided to participate in the Knitting World Cup. Since I'll be making several smallish things in the near future to send to the SP's I have, I figured I should choose something pretty simple for the World Cup. That way I'll be able to actually get it finished!

I'm making the French Market bag (from Knitty) using Handpainted Yarns Bulky Handspun in "Melilla". I'm making it a little larger than in the pattern, and if it ends up a good size, I think I'll line it with lots of pockets and use it as my knitting bag for car trips.

This is the package I received from my SP8 pal. Is she psychic? I think she must be. How else would she know that exactly one week before my package arrived, I was shopping in the new Pier 1 in town. Since it was new, the selection wasn't as good as the other Pier 1's. But I did stop to smell the reed diffusers. And the first one I smelled was the biscotti. She must have been spying on me!

I think the alpaca silk will be made into a hat. I'll have to look around for a cute lacey pattern...

She also sent some wonderful maple cookies. Most of which have already been eaten. For breakfast. They are even more wonderful dunked in coffee!

Thank you so much! I was so happy to find your package on my porch!

Teething drool sure is fun!