mama knits!

(when they let her...)

Sunday, December 31, 2006


I have a new LYS! Well, it's half an hour away, but it's the first one I've been in since the one I shopped at closed this summer. Plus we go shopping 5 minutes away from it all the time, so it's not really out of the way.

They don't carry some things I bought at the other shop, but they carry brands the other didn't. So, of course I had to spend some money!

I now own my very first skeins of Koigu and CTH sock yarns. I've always heard great things about them, now I get to see for myself!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas is Scary a 16 month old.

We had three days straight of visiting and opening presents, and I wish I could say it all looked like this...

But as soon as the gifts came out, it quicky turned to clinging to me or daddy,

and within a few minutes this

He was terrified of all his new toys, but I know next year he'll be old enough to have fun.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mustang Sally

That's the name of the final Rockin' Sock Club selection of the year.

The one on the right is the bonus skein they sent us. It's called "Rare Gems". It's a one of a kind color, so everyones is different. (the Rare Gems colors are the skeins with "mistakes", or colors that just didn't work out, which they then overdye to make them extra special.)

The pattern is pretty, but I'm not really into beaded socks, so I think I'll make something different.

My package took a few extra days to arrive, so I made some baby socks with the left over Pink Granite (and there's still a tiny bit left!).

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Socks That Rock!

I absolutely love Socks That Rock sock yarn!

This is the Marble Arches pattern with STR mediumweight sock yarn in Pink Granite. The pattern and yarn were form the last sock club shipment. This is the first time I've used the medium weight, and I'm not sure if that was the reason, but these socks were a very fast knit (for me at least!).

I had set thes aside for a few weeks to get some other things done (plus all of the cookies I have been making everyday since Thanksgiving), but in the middle of this week I figured I should quick finish them before the next kit arrived. There's a pretty good chance it will arrive today, so I finished just in time!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where did my little shaggy guy go?

I miss that wild hair so much!

Little Guy had his first haircut! I wasn't able to do it myself (he wouldn't sit still and just needed to know what I was doing behind him), so I had it done when I got mine cut. I had a lot of touching up to do when we got home, but then I guess there's no way anyone can give a perfect haircut to a one year old. I do miss my little wild man though...

Here he is modeling his new hat right before his haircut. I love making him hats-- they're so fast to make.

I also received a great package from my Sockret Pal! My camera feels like giving me problems (the little thing you have to turn to turn the camera on doesn't want to turn right), but I did get pictures of the yarn she sent.

Cascade 220 to make the felted Ball Cap pattern she sent (I had been wanting to get that pattern!), a skein of Pastaza (one of my favorite yarns) and some Mango Moon Capelli. I haven't used the Capelli before, but it feels really soft (and the little sweater hanging from it is cute!).

She also sent me some What-a-melon Lisa Souza sock yarn. My pals a pretty good mind reader, because I recently purchased the Cant-Elope color, which very similar.

There was a bunch of things I didn't get pictures of: magnets, notecards, Nerds candy, Knit Clips (another thing I had been wanting to try!), knitting counter, point protectors shaped like socks amd the IK holiday issue. Oh, and cookies, can't forget about them!

Thank you secret pal! You did a great job finding things that I was wanting to try!

I also want to thank my lovely SP9 hostess for the Knit Lite needles she sent me as a contest prize. They were just the right size for the earflaps on the black hat I getting ready to start (a lot of my knitting is done at night by the light of the TV, and that's not so much fun when using black yarn!).

Friday, December 01, 2006

Mystery Socks

I just noticed I never posted pictures of the socks I knit for the Mystery Sock KAL (I posted over there last week, but forgot to post here).

I thought the whole idea was pretty neat (knitting socks from a pattern that doesn't have a picture, so you don't really know what you'll get), and I'm pretty happy with the pattern I chose.

I used the Shell Sock pattern with Vesper sock yarn in the Strange Little Mama color. I didn't really change much. I made the cuff shorter and changed the heel a little. I also used Knit Picks size #1 DPNs, which are actually a US #1.5 instead of the #1 called for. I really love these needles. I love using my short Brittany DPNs, but with some patterns you just need nice sharp points on your needles (plus I really didn't have a good feeling about trying to purl 3 together on anything that wasn't some type of metal. I haven't snapped a needle yet, but I'm not in any hurry to...).