mama knits!

(when they let her...)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is it over?

Little Guy went to sleep last night with minimal crying. He laid down all by himself after a few minutes, and even though he laid there like that for about an hour before falling asleep, he was quiet the whole time.

Then just a little bit ago, I was sitting on the floor and I realized he was really quiet. I turned around and saw this.

He had just climbed up on the couch and went to sleep all by himself (and yes, that's a cat toy he's holding. I have no idea why.) I can't remember the last time he took a nap.

So I actually have a bit of time to myself right now!

I hope his sleeping troubles are over. Neither one of us have had hardly any sleep the past two weeks. And every time I could get him to fall asleep for a bit, the baby would wake up and start kicking really hard so I couldn't get any sleep myself.

Oh well, I guess it's just practice for when baby #2 gets here...

Friday, July 20, 2007

A little goodness in a crappy week

Little Guy won't sleep. He cries and cries when I put him to bed and won't even lay down. He's almost two, but he still won't talk, so I have no idea what's going on. I don't know if he's having bad dreams and scared to go to sleep, just being scared of the dark, being extra needy because I'm pregnant or what. Or maybe he's teething. He has had a few rashes this week and they only happen when he's teething. I don't know.

So of course I've done absolutely no knitting this week.

But there was a little goodness too!

Yesterday the mailman brought me three packages.

Something for my Knitty SP, so I'm not showing a picture!

A birthday present for DH.

It says "I love you more than zombies love brains". Of course it's from etsy!

and something from my upstream Knitty SP.

I have already used the tea and mug, because in addition to no sleep this week I also ran out of coffee and tea (well, there's plenty of flavored teas, but in the morning I prefer coffee or plain tea). I've also been planning a vacation, and I think the cute little row counter will be perfect for car knitting! Plus, since we're planning a shore vacation I already had seafood on the brain, so the lobster mug and gummies were perfect.

Should I be embarassed to admit that I knew what the maple sugar candy was before I unwrapped it? I could tell just by feeling it through the tissue paper....

Then, to top it all off I checked my email and found my Ravelrey invite. I guess I better start taking stash pictures!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

More baby knitting

I started a blanket this week.

I'm using Makalu Lambgora, which I normally wouldn't use for baby things, but I had gotten a bunch of it cheap through a coop last year and didn't know what to use it for. So one skein will become a baby blanket. A super soft, expensive baby blanket that will probably get ruined the first time it's used.

Oh well, if I'm going to be knitting an endless project like a blanket, I might as well be using a great yarn.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I love etsy

Two recent purchases.

"Sgt. Floyd Pepper" self striping from Yarning Yenta. I love these colors and think I'll have to order more from her Muppets collection.

"Strange Brew" from H.L. Miller.

So many lovely sock yarns.... I wish I didn't need to sleep....