mama knits!

(when they let her...)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's Here!!

What's that in that big box?

Sock Yarn!

10 lbs. of sock yarn! Yes, I know I said there would be 20 lbs, but the rest was backordered.

You're probably wondering what's in the blue bag...

5 lbs. of merino! I originally got this to dye also, but after petting it and smelling that wonderful sheepy smell, I think I may have to practice a bit on the spindle and keep it all for myself!

I did get a chance to play around dying last week, but no pictures yet. As soon as we get some sun around here, I'll take some.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Toy!!

Today has been a great day for mail!

First this came...

A package from my Sockret Pal! This is the first time I have seen the Rowan Tapestry and I can understand why everyone seems to love it. I think the Black Purl Shepherd Worsted will make lovely baby things! This is the first time I have used it (or any superwash worsted weight for that matter!)

Then, just as I was getting ready to take a picture of the above goodies, THIS came...

Oh my.... isn't she pretty? I feel like I should give her a name or something!

Sometime soon a big box of yarn to dye should be here (over 20 lbs!!!!), and some more colors of dye also. I hope it gets here in time for me to do some playing while the husband is away!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Maple-y Goodness

Most people that know me know that maple is one of my favorite flavors. So why did I never hear of this wondrous product until now?

I picked this up while visiting relatives this week, and I absolutely love it. On a slice of buttered toast, it tastes like you're eating french toast-- without the work!

When I got home, my mom dropped off a package that had come from my Knitty SP. She's good at keeping her identity secret. None of her packges or the card she sent have had a postmark on them, so I have no idea at all who she is!

This time she sent a great package of purpley goodness.

Sorry there's no modeled shot of the hat, I just got my hair cut yesterday and I'm still in the couple of days wait for it to look good. I had been thinking about making one of these, but couldn't decide if I wanted to use beads or not. Now I don't have to worry about it!