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(when they let her...)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thank you Mr. Mailman!

I've been a little irritated at my post office the past two weeks (things are taking forever to get to me... one package arrived there at 2:26 AM last friday. It still hasn't been delivered to me yet.), but today they made me very happy!

My first SP9 package arrived today (it came from overseas, so I can't tell if they've been holding it hostage or not), filled with lots of goodies.

I had been thinking about buying this calendar, now I can use that money for more yarn! Everything smelled wonderful from being in the box with the candles. The hand cream went directly in my new knitting bag (that was also delivered today!). Just last night when I was knitting I realised that my hands were getting really dry.

My cousin lived in Germany for a few years, and would always bring home lots of candy, so the chocolate was a nice treat.

The yarns are great too. I've often seen mention of the Baby Ull, but haven't tried it yet. And the pink is so soft and squishy!

Thank you SP! It's always nice to get packages on bad days (that's the way it always seems to happen too.... maybe that's why they take so long to deliver things. They're just waiting for me to have a bad day.)

Stupid Ebay!!!!

I'm about 99.999999% sure that they don't read the emails you send them.

I'm a little irritated right now, so I'll try to keep the facts short...

1. On July 25, I won and paid for a set of three pairs of knitting needles.

2. I was patient and waited. 21 days after I paid, I emailed the seller asking if they had ever shipped. They replied that they would look into it and send a replacement out ASAP. This was the last email they responded to.

3. Again I waited. Again I contacted them. They never responded. After trying to contact them and getting no response for a while, I filed an Item Not Received dispute with Ebay (this was within the 60 period you have to do so).

4. After a few weeks of hearing nothing about it, on October 11, I emailed Ebay asking what was happening. They don't read my email, they write back that since it's over 60 days from purchase, I won't be able to file a dispute. Ok, wasn't my question about a dispute that was already filed?!?!

5. After going back and forth with them for a few weeks trying to get them to actually read my email (and not just look at the email topic and the date of the purchase), they finally told me they couldn't help me, but I could do a live chat thing with someone that could.

6. I sat here for 45 minutes waiting for my turn, and that was a bunch of crap too!! I was told that a seller can wait as long as they want to reply to a claim that they never sent an item that was paid for. And a claim is automatically closed after 90 days. I asked what happens if the seller never responds... does it just dispute just go away like it never happened? The only response I was given was "The seller is being investigated"

7. So, I figure the seller won't respond, so I'll just have to wait the 90 days to see what happens.

8. Today I check on the dispute, and am told the claim was closed on October 24th, because claims can only be open for 90 days. Ok, but the claim was only open for a month!!

I sent ebay a long, nasty email today and guess what... they didn't read it!! They just sent me the reply they've been sending all along...

My purchase was very small ($1.25 + $3.75 shipping), so I really don't care about that. What pisses me off is that Ebay doesn't care! The seller has a great rating, so I don't think they screwed me on purpose (I even think I remember them having the same item listed again, so they probably just accidentally sold my needles to someone else). Although it is odd that they wouldn't respond to me or even comment to ebay about the dispute. (How hard would it have been for them to say they were sorry and offer to refund the $5?)

It just makes me mad that even if you file a claim saying you never received what you paid for, nothing ever happens. There are no consequences. What if the seller did do it on purpose?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spring is here!

Well, not exactly... but I did get a lovely "Spring Cheer" package in the mail! It's been in the 60's here lately, but of course not sunny and spring-like, so this was a nice surprise.

And inside...

I'm pretty sure I'll need to buy lots of the Bartlett yarn (it's such a pretty color I have to think all their colors must be nice). She even sent along some she spun herself!

I'm either starting to get faster at knitting socks, or the last two patterns I've tried have been super easy. I haven't gotten any more done on my Marble Arches. I didn't knit at all for two days. Then some STR came that I had swapped with Stariel for, and of course I had to start something! The colors aren't really me, but are very pretty (that's why I swapped with her, I'm going through a little phase of wanting to try things that I think are pretty, but not what I'd usually pick)

I started them Saturday evening and I have just finished the second heel (after doing the Marble Arches two at a time, I decided it makes it feel quicker). That's pretty quick for me. Especially since I had to redo one of the heels. (I always screw something up on the second short row heel. I know this, so I always pay really close attention. But then I'll get to the point when I need to start decreasing and all of the sudden I notice something I messed up all the way back at the beginning of the heel...)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Has it really been two weeks?!?

It sure doesn't seem that long since I posted... but then the crappy, rainy weather we've been having has kinda blurred a bunch of days together. We did have some beautiful weather in the 70's last week, but I was having a bad week so I didn't really get to enjoy them.

But the mailman did bring me some lovely things!

The first was a second package from my Spooky Sp KnitMongrel. Lots of cool stuff including a vintage Hershey recipe book, an apron, another Pumpkin hat (we have a few of these, but they're all different sizes. So I could have a baby at any time of the year and have a pumpkin hat to fit them in the fall!)

She also sent some Scheafer Elaine in the Clara Barton color. My husband bought me some of this in Tink for Christmas and I had no clue what to do with it. But now that's solved! I love red and pink together, so I think I'll make some kind of stripey scarf.

Then I received two surprise packages from Caroline, my downstream from the knitty summer Mellow SP round. She sent me pretty yarn and some treats that she thought I probably hadn't tried before. I haven't gotten a chance to try the Marmite yet, but everything else was yummy. (I did try to get the husband to try a spoonful of the Marmite, but too smart to fall for that.)

The Lush bath bomb is for Little Guy, but I think he's gonna have to share with me! I used to order from Lush in Canada all the time, but for some reason I haven't since they've put some stores in the US. I think I just might have to do a little post-holiday Lush mailorder shopping for me....

I'm finally almost done my Mystery Socks! I kept putting them off, but they're supposed to be done by the end of November, so I finally got around to working on them. I finished one (and was sidetracked in the middle of it to knit this green sock too!), and am past the heel on the second.

But then I got my STR sock club yarn and pattern and had to start that too! I kept fighting it, wanting to finish the Mystery Socks first, but after my crappy week, I gave in and started them Thursday. They seem to be going really quick. I usually don't knit both socks at once, but there was a knot in the yarn. I didn't want to have the patterning change halfway through a sock, so I'm knitting the socks from both ends of the larger ball, then when I run out of yarn I'll just start the smaller one. That way both socks will have any weird changes.

I usually choose brighter colors, especially for socks, but I'm really liking this yarn.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


He's still a little too small to care about dressing up and getting candy, but he still had fun visiting people... and he scored a little candy for me. Hey, somebody had to eat it!